I AM Limitless Mask


Everything Psalms “I AM” series, is challenging you to walk in the TRUTH or God, while boldly declaring “I am who He says I am!”

This “I AM LIMITLESS” mask is based on Psalm 112:1-9

Included with this mask is the digital declaration card:

My potential is endless because I trust and obey God! I lack nothing! I am everything God created me to be! My wealth is vast! I am blessed in ALL areas of my life! I cannot be defeated! I am who He says I am!

The Everything Psalms “I AM” series is a statement series! These shirts empower you to declare to the atmosphere, to every force of darkness, and to every trap and snare of the enemy, that you are ALL that God says that you are!

There are 7 masks in the “I AM” series for every day of the week.

You will no longer be ascribed to the labels of the world. You are replacing every negative word, utterance, labels, ever spoken over your life, even by your very own mouth.

Everything Psalms - I AM LIMITLESS mask

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Weight 4.3 oz

100% Combed Ring-Spun Cotton




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